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Follow one families adventure as they build a new life of self-reliance and sustainable living, embrace permaculture and undertake a mammoth task of self-building a straw-bale forever home in the sun.

About Us

Hi! We are the Foster family - Tricky, Carly and the two wildlings, Logan and Aurora.

We are currently in the process of making some positive changes in our lives. Big changes. Happy changes. Changes for the better. We're building a whole new life and reconnecting with nature. Living more organically and authentically. Discovering new ways of living, that are more in-sync with Mother Nature. I'll give you the backbone of our story in a nutshell.

We were living a 9-5 life in a 3 bed mid-terrace house in Southend-On-Sea in Essex. Tricky was working a soul-less sales job and Carly was rearing the children and hustling in the evenings, trying to build up her handmade business. Tricky also started a handmade business too. No matter how much money we earned, our bills seemed to suck away every penny. It was like groundhog day, every day was the same. We spent hardly any time together as a family, or outside. We were all bored, unhappy, unsatisfied and unconnected.

Is this what the rest of our lives were going to be like? Being stuck inside grey buildings all day, working ourselves to the bone and still having nothing to show for it? Not spending any quality time together doing the things we enjoy? Being so disengaged from our passions and dreams, and yet so engaged in things that weren't really important to us? We craved a different life. Something more natural and out in the fresh air. More family time. More exploring. More sunshine. More happiness.

After discovering Permaculture, Tricky completed a PDC (Permaculture Design Course) with Graham Burnett of Spiralseed in the Spring and Summer of 2016. What a life-changing, momentous 6 months that would be for us. Studying Permaculture not only opened our eyes to new ways to look after the Earth and plants and gardening, it also opened our eyes to a new way to live. It was not only the course, but also the people who we met and connected with in those 6 months that were really life-altering for us.

So, we made a decision. We would build a new life for our family. A life that we all wanted and would serve us in more ways than what we could even begin to imagine. A life full of the outside, of nature, of planting and growing, of good food, of connection, of mother nature, freedom, memories, authenticity, simplicity, seasons and cycles. We wanted to be free as humans to taste and sample the delights of the Earth, and to be stewards of the land.

So what did we decide to do to be enable us to build this new life? We put our house on the market in the end of the Summer of 2016, and on a quick trip to Spain we discovered a 5 acre plot of land that would be within our budget that we set our hearts on. We spent a lot  time looking into Eco-friendly house building and decided we would like to build our own straw-bale house and produce a permaculture centre and retreat to share this way of living with other people.

So where are we at now? The sale of our UK house finally completed in January 2017. We are already in Spain, renting a house in the hills of a tiny Spanish village. We are in the process of buying the 5 acre plot of land that we fell in love with this past summer, which is 20 minutes from where we are living temporarily at the moment. We are working with an amazing architect and Eco-Build company to get the plans together for our straw bale house and we are just awaiting to jump the final hurdle of the land purchase for us to truly get the ball rolling with the build, which we are undertaking ourselves.

In the mean time, we are still working our handmade businesses which are supporting us (Thor's Threads and Lucky Sew and Sew). We have also started a community garden project in our village where we keep 4 chickens and grow fruits and vegetables. We are making a head-start on growing our trees, bushes and plants for our land so that as soon as the purchase of the land is complete, we can move straight into planting and landscaping this season.

We quit the 9-5 life and adopted a new way of living. More connected to our intuitions and the ebb and flow of nature and pure, unfiltered life. We have a way to go on this journey, we are only in the infant stages, but through this blog we are hoping to share our experiences (good and bad!) and hopefully show other people that it is possible to change your life completely to something better if you only wish it hard enough and work on your dreams.


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  1. I had no idea an English couple could decide to go live in Spain, just like that. I am interested in the dynamics of that.


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