Wyrdwood Acres

Follow one families adventure as they build a new life of self-reliance and sustainable living, embrace permaculture and undertake a mammoth task of self-building a straw-bale forever home in the sun.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Slowly but Surely

Things finally feel like they're happening. After months and months of what feels like endless waiting around, we should FINALLY be signing for our land next week. 

This is it. this is the beginning. No more scheming and dreaming. Now it's time to start putting the wheels into motion.

We're going to be sharing all about our adventure. The highs and, possibly more importantly, the lows. I feel it's important to be transparent about this process and discuss our triumphs and losses. We have no need for secrecy and if our experiences can help somebody else who is hoping to do something similar to us, then that's amazing in my eyes. 

So, deep breath. Let's do this!

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