Wyrdwood Acres

Follow one families adventure as they build a new life of self-reliance and sustainable living, embrace permaculture and undertake a mammoth task of self-building a straw-bale forever home in the sun.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Visiting the Land Before We Buy

As promised, here are the photos we took when we visited the land on Saturday:

We'll be buying 5 acres of this to build our new life on the land

We walked the perimeter to have a proper look around it

MiL and Fil Diane and Terry were with us

It is planted almost exclusively with almonds at the moment, but in the centre there is one olive tree

All of the trees are still in production, despite being neglected for a number of years now by the current owners

a panoramic shot:

Carly looks happy from her head....

...to her toes!

Even though it's mid November the weather here is still beautiful

Over the years we're hoping to turn this plot of land it to a thriving permaculture paradise, building the soil ecology and biodiversity up to repair the damage that man has done to the soil. It's not a small task but we love a challenge and can't wait to get stuck in as soon as everything comes to completion. We'll keep you all updated!

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