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Monday, 22 August 2016

Initial Layout Plan

When we decided that we had our hearts set on this journey one of the first things we did was book a place on a PDC, a Permaculture Design Course.

I did my course under the tutelage of Graham Burnett through his company Spiralseed. Graham is a fantastic teacher and has become a great friend, I thoroughly recommend booking a course with him.

We thought that learning about permaculture would help us achieve our plans, but instead it was more of a revelation than we could have imagined, and has ultimately shaped our plans more than anything else.

Below is the plan as it stands at the moment:

Our first action whilst we are waiting on building permissions for the house will be to put in the swales around the entire perimeter and to put the pathways in (shown in pink) for access around the plot and to avoid compacting the rest of the soil.

Starting from the road access on the left, we will have:
Farm Market Stall for fresh produce and products with an honesty box
The first box will be parking for residents and visitors
The second blue box will be the kitchen garden which will supply annual crops to the house
Then we will have the tool shed for storage
Next is the geodome for starting seedlings and extending the growing season
The four blue boxes next are the fields that we will eventually rotate our chickens and goats in
Everything after that will be allowed to go somewhat wild as a food forest, with the classroom and yurts for visitors among the trees. We'll be running courses and workshops for visitors so the classroom area is essential for us. Each yurt will have it's own outhouse with compost toilet but the shower block and kitchen areas will be communal.
We've also included a pond although we are not sure that there is enough rainfall in the area to sustain it, we'll have to wait and see.

We hope that over time we'll be able to establish a living fence around the entire perimeter as a shelter belt and another source of edibles. It will be interesting to see how the layout and plan changes as we go forwards, one of the reasons we're going to be posting it all on here is so we can look back on it in the future. Hopefully we won't have too many mistakes to learn from!

If you have any ideas or thoughts we'd love to hear from you in the comments



  1. Looks wonderful! I would work on getting that shelter belt in NOW versus in the future, as that will take the longest to establish and will provide so much benefit.

    Ooooooooo, this is exciting!! How neat to start with a blank slate. Intimidating, but also very very exciting!

    1. A great point sue, I've been looking into trees/ shrubs for the shelter belt today :)

  2. I don't know if you read the blog Welcome to Techno-Billies. They are an English couple that have a finca in Extramadura, Spain. They got a yurt for the volunteers that would come to help them. You may want to read this post
    Your plans for your land look really exciting. Looking forward to reading about your move.

    1. Wow that's a great blog they seem like just our sort of people, thanks for the heads up

  3. This all looks really interesting and I cant wait to read more as you move to Spain! Good times are coming for you!!!

    1. We're all moved over now and about to get right in the thick of it, exciting times :)


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